video chat in on the :

The article is written in German, and it could be more upfront in mentioning that this is all using Fedora, but it's definitely a noteworthy success story:
Using the camera outside for something really useful!

Caveats: This is really taxing the CPU (currently) and it's hacky.

With removing the SSB feature from 86, I've explored the --kiosk option and the webapp feature of , the browser on my . Would that make an interesting blog post or video?

In Episode 003 of @Ezra and I are planning to discuss the recent @PINE64 Community update, focussing on , the SBC and news around the keyboard and default OS.

If you've got different suggestions or questions regarding the topics above, get them in now by replying here or sending them to!

The thirty-fourth edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

Megapixels scans QR code, Plasma 5.21, the new default PinePhone OS and more!

With slight edits (cutting out silent parts where I read the chat) and boosted (but not cleaned-up) audio you can now re-watch yesterdays 3 on Odysee:

It's mostly about the and a little bit about being the new default OS for the .

Join me in about an hour (8 pm UTC) for a live stream about , and more!

(YouTube only this time, I'll try to change that for the next one.)

Quick announcement:
I am planning a live stream featuring Librem 5 impressions (and maybe some "Librem 5 vs PinePhone" fun) this Wednesday (February 17th) at 8pm UTC.

Ideas, questions, suggestions welcome!

New blog post: " Setup: More on Scaling in "

Not much new here for those in the know. I am going to add screenshots when I find the time to do so to make this more helpful to new users.

The thirty-second edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

The end of Community Editions, a new release, and more!

Today I gave (0.8.1) another try (on edge running on the ), and with two little tweaks in the apps settings (Touchscreen mode on and Show buttons in timeline off) it's the best client I ever used on .

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