According to the chat, Axolotl (the client) for , is going to add a switch so it can run in qmlscene on @mobian (and likely all the other distributions) without the system integrations. has reached 200 apps today. And there are still a lot more apps to add! (Even if these are mainly unadjusted desktop apps that sort of work after tricks like scale-to-fit, they are worth adding, for the scale-to-fit IDs alone.) So nobody say again there are no apps for @PINE64 or @purism !

I played with on @danct12’s on my @PINE64 today. Turning off the internal screen was enough to make it work. (Ignore the dock, it fails to work when a power source is connected.)

This pull request on the flutter project makes me hopeful we might see apps on on and sooner than later:
apps like -flutter are worth it alone, and this might help bringing a few others over, too.

I wasn't able to record the video yesterday (lacked energy), and won't be able to make a video until next thursday because of "family matters".

So if you want me to look at anything in particular or have any questions about on the @PINE64 , please @ me!

In a recent voting, got the most votes for my next @PINE64 video. I was going to make it today, but now "Privacy & Security Tips" have made a good one. Should I still spend time on this?

I tried using GNOME 3.38 on @mobian (installed with F2FS on eMMC and really fast) on my @PINE64 earlier today. I wonder if there is a secret trick to get (as in using an HDMI display as a second screen) to work; I could not figure it out unfortunately (yet).

Last night I figured “what could possibly go wrong” and build/installed Squeekboard straight from git on my . It took a while and this morning I am like: I miss that working software keyboard I had yesterday.

Tired of bad scaling in making parts of your favorite Android app unusable on @PINE64 ?
TechWizz in the @danct12 ArchLinuxARM on PinePhone group has a solution: “adb shell wm overscan 0,35,0,35”

Had to reinstall as upgrading it yesterday broke my previous install. Now, with the new install, I can't get the GTK window shadows to disappear. :(

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