Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (31/2022): Automated Phone Testing for postmarketOS and various little updates


Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (30/2022): Ubuntu Touch on FairPhone 4, and, maybe, RISC-V phones in the future!


This is fun: make sure that there's more change in their build of 0.20 for /#PinePhonePro by shipping unmerged Feature Merge Requests (that are known to land after 0.20) and then make a video about "radical change" in that release: botsin.space/@manjarolinux/108

BTW: I wrote this on the and took a photo of the process with my Megapixels 1.5.0 equipped :

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Weekly Update (25/2022): Better Processing in Megapixels and another report on the PinePhone Pro Cameras


The usual development progress, another nice Q&A video by UBports and DOOM on a Modem!

cc @PINE64 @purism

Hey /#Librem5/device with , or -crowd! I just had a thought: Could I setup my modem-manager etc. stack in a way, so that it for certain numbers just answers and presses the # key? (Don't tell my works IT security team 😉 )

New blog post: Two Years of Life with PinePhone


It has a weird title and is too long, but I still hope you will enjoy reading it!

My video "Upgrading to postmarketOS 22.06 (Phosh) on PinePhone" is now on YouTube:

(It's been on TilVids for days, like always: tilvids.com/w/ohK7QfPp5Ej8Q1Y9, ... and it's going to land on Odysee soon)

Manjaro have published yet another edition of their distribution for the and :
Manjaro Gnome-Mobile Developer Edition

Weekly Update (22/2022): A new, quite different Linux Phone and GNOME Shell for Mobile


Multiple usage reports, a glimpse at on the Sony XPERIA 10 III, booting on older iOS devices and more!

Weekly Update (21/2022): More work on the camera, including a test app by megi plus KDE Eco and GSoC news


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