Having suffered from 'incoming calls don’t work with my SIM' for quite a while on most distributions on my @PINE64 , the issue is now fixed on @danct12 ‘s Huong Tram Linux/ @archlinux. video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1

Megi, who does a lot of work on the @PINE64 64 kernel, now added a power management driver for the Quectel EG25-G modem to his kernel. This should lead to cooler, longer lasting !


The fifth edition of my weekly collection of @PINE64 news, Linbits, is out! linmob.net/2020/08/02/linbits4
Topics include , , hardware accessories for the and more.

New Video:
: Qt/ @kde Plasma Mobile Apps on Phosh

Featuring Calindori, Angelfish (yes, working on the PinePhone) and other great apps that "don't belong" into @gnome land.

Writing a post on running /PlasmaMobile apps on based @PINE64 distributions right now. If you are aware of a complete list of Qt environment variables to properly theme apps (without qt5ct), your input is highly appreciated!

New Video: on the .

I just had to make a quick, unscheduled video on the continuation of . Some parts are great, others are .. shit.


A new part of my @PINE64 is out: linmob.net/2020/07/27/pinephon

This time I try to be helpful and try to explain how to get and scaling in working.

(I am going to augment the post and might produce a video on the topic later.)

I found a good approach to the 'getting that APP-ID for scale-to-fit' problem and scripted it up. It even works with flathub apps!

Credits go to @agx's blog.

The fourth edition of my weekly collection of @PINE64 news, Linbits, is out! linmob.net/2020/07/26/linbits3

Topics include , Android 10 on PinePhone and IP-native communication on the @purism .

Mirage (github.com/mirukana/mirage), a Python/QML Matrix client with support for E2E encryption, works just fine on the .
You will have to use the tab key to enter your password, but otherwise it's fine. It can be installed on Arch and Manjaro from the AUR (matrix-mirage-git).

I run a blog about Linux on Mobile Devices (like the ) and as I am about decentralized services, it felt weird to just be on twitter with my content.


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