has reached 200 apps today. And there are still a lot more apps to add! (Even if these are mainly unadjusted desktop apps that sort of work after tricks like scale-to-fit, they are worth adding, for the scale-to-fit IDs alone.) So nobody say again there are no apps for @PINE64 or @purism !

This pull request on the flutter project makes me hopeful we might see apps on on and sooner than later:
apps like -flutter are worth it alone, and this might help bringing a few others over, too.

I really wonder what it would take to get Illume ( to run on modern Linux phones like the or .

If you have blog posts about the or or distribution updates I must not miss for , please @ me. Thank you very much!

Seems to me that 3.38 could be even better on the @purism and the @PINE64 , if these commits would not have been reverted.

Hi @PINE64 , @purism and other mobile Linux users, were there any distribution or app releases in the past week? Your help is duly appreciated.

After asking on the birdsite, I'll ask here, too (boosts appreciated):

What would you prefer as the technical base of a database/collection of Mobile Linux Apps for @PINE64 / @purism and co.? (Planned to be a collaborative effort with one Page per App connected via categories for App types and Toolkit/Framework)? (SSG= Static Site Generator)

(Sorry that this runs only for a day, but I have time on my hands this week to get the thing started.)

The fourth edition of my weekly collection of @PINE64 news, Linbits, is out!

Topics include , Android 10 on PinePhone and IP-native communication on the @purism .


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