Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (31/2022): Automated Phone Testing for postmarketOS and various little updates


Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (30/2022): Ubuntu Touch on FairPhone 4, and, maybe, RISC-V phones in the future!


BTW: I wrote this on the and took a photo of the process with my Megapixels 1.5.0 equipped :

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Weekly Update (25/2022): Better Processing in Megapixels and another report on the PinePhone Pro Cameras


The usual development progress, another nice Q&A video by UBports and DOOM on a Modem!

cc @PINE64 @purism

If you're only on following or , you are totally missing out on the fun " is a scam" accounts that twitter has:


Weekly Update (22/2022): A new, quite different Linux Phone and GNOME Shell for Mobile


Multiple usage reports, a glimpse at on the Sony XPERIA 10 III, booting on older iOS devices and more!

Weekly Update (21/2022): More work on the camera, including a test app by megi plus KDE Eco and GSoC news


I know that the is a bit boring, but I promised to write a review on it years ago, so I need to focus on the device for a bit. Sadly, I don't have much time, so it might be a longer period of focused content, video and text.

I'll now start setting my new one up and will try to document the process in a bunch of poorly written blog posts that will essentially be to do notes, If I manage to restore my live stream setup, those might happen while I try to get things done.

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After having published the last Weekly Update on linux phones on monday, this weeks won't be out today - it will be out on one of the next days (definitely before tuesday, I promise) :)

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