Readerview ( is a Gemini browser. To build it, make sure to first build a version of gmni before BearSSL was introduced.

(Of course it's listed on

SciTEQt ( is a cross platform Scintilla based editor. It has a mobile interface for Android Phones, but that also works on like the :

More info now on

This video details performance after replacing the eMMC with a larger, faster one:

Attached screenshot for comparison (UBports CE, 2GB/16GB, Manjaro Plasma running from eMMC).

Purism have announced delays and price increases:

Colums are Product Product Status Parts Blocker Shipping Status Shipping Parity Price Increasing

Sneak peek:

(This won't be out before tomorrow. It feels surprisingly good to do this again 😃)

I just felt the urge to confirm that is now actually working fine like the , and guess what, it is!

Will be added to soon!

@PINE64 Hm, this is a lot easier than I thought:
- downloaded Armbian, written to SDHC card, booted,
- followed instructions on
and now:

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Running Shell on top of (as described in a recent blog post by @purism) is a bit stupid, but also great fun!

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