This is the Flathub version of Yishu, and I have my priorities wrong.
I am going to add it tomorrow.

Just minutes after my stream ended, I managed to successfully log in to Plasma Desktop on on my :

Another family phone call with the @PINE64 running @mobian went just great – and my mum is not someone who tolerates bad call quality!

We tested both outgoing and incoming calls (for economical, not technical reasons), with headset and without. It did show a 4G indicator on the second call (did not photograph fast enough). Remember how the phone used to get really hot during calls? Not anymore!

Potential deep sleep wake-up timing issues aside, I regard phone calls a solved issue! 🎉

Testing Megi's new p-boot-image ( on my @PINE64 :

(I have to say that I love the new "boot from eMMC" option, that one alone makes p-boot a lot more interesting.)

Just had fun with Now I will have to put a SIM card into my 2nd and see if everything went well.

(Not sure how I am going to make a video on this. I would like to use ssh, because I consider that advisable, but then I would also have to show how to do that and ... and ...
Suggestions appreciated!)

I am just trying out / @mobian on my @PINE64 , and I think I might have to abandon "just do that other Plasma Mobile video, finish your blog post on the topic and that's it for the week"-plan.

I tried to include everything I really like here: Display Settings, Close Button on windows, mobile friendly Gnome To Do and Rhythmbox.

News from @purism : The Librem 5 Evergreen devices are going to ship with a larger, 4500mAh battery:

Now what does that mean? The reddit-answer (see image) makes it more clear (

The Librem 5 is not going to suspend, but it's going to last a day on idle. This means that they are avoiding the problematic "does the phone wake up fast enough so that you can answer the phone call" game by the simplest hardware "hack": larger battery. I like that!

Finally! I got @postmarketOS with running on the BQ Aquaris X5.

Things learned on the way: Don't use pmbootstrap install (without the --sdcard option) on a ZFS system, it may fail inexplicably. Flash with pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs with the --partition-userdata option on this device. Never give up!

Also, the standard kernel does lack touchscreen support, but there is an image on the issue tracker that can be booted with fastboot.

Keyboard tiny, but really fast!

Built on my @PINE64 from git today and while it does not seem to work properly currently, it's now fully mobile optimized – so I am positive that the next release is going to be great!

Today I tried another browser on my @PINE64 : NetSurf ( I did it just for fun, but if one would not have to use the scroll bar (or arrow keys) to scroll, it would likely be my favorite PinePhone browser by now: It's quick and lightweight.

I really like the progress of on the . They keep improving, slowly, but surely. Looks like I should give it another spin on the @PINE64 soon.

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