Wonder what changed in (appl.ist) in february?
While I plan to publish a blog post on this topic (and on future plans) later this week, this is a first glimpse:

Today I gave (0.8.1) another try (on edge running on the ), and with two little tweaks in the apps settings (Touchscreen mode on and Show buttons in timeline off) it's the best client I ever used on .

caerbannog (git.sr.ht/~craftyguy/caerbanno) is a pass client with a really nice icon. Do I need to mention it's written in Monty err Python, or was that obvious? (I don't use pass, so I could not test it a lot.)

No browser (git.sr.ht/~alva/rocket) for me, which is sad as the latest commit suggests that the UI is now fully adaptive 😢

... Discord (because of ) made me go back to using on @danctnix. This way does not negatively affect my ability to use my @PINE64 more and more.

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