My PinePhone saw too many posts saying it was a failure lately, and now it's sad.

The following image contains all the feedback I got on yesterdays weekly update on the birdsite:

There are many things I need to fix/improve on LinuxPhoneApps, but I am not sure where to start. Just opened it in Dillo, and ... making it more usable in Dillo might be a fun starting point.

experts: Which distros boot well with tow-boot on by @PINE64? (Despite the case I am looking for a headless setup)

It's still going days later: 8% left (23:37), down from 13% today at 13:44.

Now, granted, I did not do much since that last post (I updated some 200 packages on the 28th between 8:33 (49%) and 8:50 (41%)), but still: Quite happy with this low standby drain.

I've had devices that drained faster when turned fully off.

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BTW: I wrote this on the and took a photo of the process with my Megapixels 1.5.0 equipped :

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Just reading a post about Linux on the Surface Go 2 on my Linux-running Surface Go 2.

New blog post: Two Years of Life with PinePhone

It has a weird title and is too long, but I still hope you will enjoy reading it!

Manjaro have published yet another edition of their distribution for the and :
Manjaro Gnome-Mobile Developer Edition

YouTube comments 

Some people can't be helped.
I need to accept that. 🤷‍♂️

Just having fun with a not-a-phone device for a change 🙂

I have been doing this for a long, long time, but it still saddens me, when an app is too wide for no good reason.

It always makes me think: What can I do to make sure mobile Linux is on everybodies mind? How to get e.g. Linux podcasters to talk about the topic more often?

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