@olamundo I am willing to work with you on a better name. If you don't want to contribute to finding a better name, I can't possibly make sure that you will approve of it – which makes it a thing, that's not high on my list of priorities, likely wasted effort and thus something I just can't justify spending time on.

@linmob @olamundo

I appreciate the quest to find the ultimate, non-confusing name. But MobilePOSIX doesn't seem to be a good fit either. According to
* Mostly POSIX-compliant: Android, Linux, ...
* POSIX-certified: macOS

Linux Mobile / Mobile Linux are pretty established by now, so I suggest we keep using these.

Here's my take on a definition of Linux Mobile, originally written for a companion blog post to my FOSDEM 2022 talk (which has Linux Mobile in the title, blog post still unfinished):

> Linux What?
> In 2022 the term Linux Mobile (or Mobile Linux) describes the emerging ecosystem of free software/open source smartphone operating systems based on the Linux kernel, excluding the Android branch of the Linux-based OS family tree.

@linmob @olamundo

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