Please make sure to read this carefully before ordering a :

The Pro is still very much in development, and thus just won't be your daily driver smartphone upon receiving the device.

Read to get an idea.

I don't want to hamper your excitement, but I also don't want to see you start a rant YouTube channel because you're upset due to not reading this properly. The PPP is really cool, but it's not your new "privacy smartphone" at this point.

@agustinharo This is about the PinePhone PRO Explorer Edition, not the regular PinePhone.

@agustinharo @linmob Probably similar; if it's anything like our regular-Pinephone convergence pack, it's the same thing (maybe with slightly more RAM) plus a USB/ethernet/HDMI hub. The main issue is the software isn't built yet.

@IceWolf @agustinharo That's not what I (as a person that spent lots of time on meant. I meant basic hardware enablement, e. g. proper battery levels or deep sleep support for decent-ish battery life.

@linmob most things works, just the most important one not: calls 😅😅

@RyuKurisu Sure, who cares about phone calls. But: Battery being at "partial" maybe workable with a device that has a large battery (e.g. a tablet), but the PinePhone Pro has a rather small battery considering the power its components draw.

@linmob Lol. Well, I already ran screaming to place my order already but, yes, I agree with everything you said. I'm just a madman who likes helping to improve this stuff more than having a working phone. :blobcatgoogly2:

@linmob Maybe if you can do your thing on the web instead of data miner apps, it is very close to that.

@ChYJtNvw @linmob too late, i already bought the PPP yesterday and post a rant video about it this morning on YouPoop.

@ChYJtNvw I wanted to word this better, but ran out of characters: The software ecosystem can work for many, it's just a question of being willing to live with hacky solutions. The specific issue hindering the PinePhone Pro for now IMHO is that hardware enablement is not fully done yet, e.g. regarding important features like battery management.

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