I am looking for a powered dashboard like software thing (like a RSS reader, but public and headlines only) for software release monitoring. There must be a project somewhere that does something like this, right?

A “planet” of sorts? I think a few free software communities use them. I don’t know if it can be changed to headlines only

@linmob I use this website. It automatically lists recent mobile linux related news, and updates once a week. I don't even need to add the RSS feeds myself.

@ollieparanoid Haha :) That reminds me that I also need to look into hebbot ( as hope it could to make the creation of easier.

@linmob I can quickly hack together a python script for that! It just so happens that I've recently made a C++ feed parser library with python bindings 😀

@linmob If you do want to try something fancy, you should keep an eye on the GTK4 port of Feeds, it's going to be pretty neat! Just waiting on WebKit to make a proper release.

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