As some of you may know, I am co-hosting a german podcast called TechnikTechnik ( We're now doing a Linux Challenge, meaning I'll attempt to switch to a distribution that's not Arch or Fedora. You can decide what it's going to be by voting in this poll:

@linmob A joke distribution like Hannah Montana Linux is in there but not #AlpineLinux? 😢

@bart @linmob going down the same road; How is Hanna Montana Linux there and not Debian????

@bart @linmob

Also, if you want to make it a chalenge, then why not a 100% Free Software distro (no proprietary drivers): like #trisquel, or #pureos, or #guix

There is a list to choose from ;)

@joao @bart Been there, done that. All distros on that list are things I have never run or did not run in the past fifteen years. That's why Alpine, Debian, Trisquel, Parabola or PureOS did not make the list. I admit that I vetoed Linux From Scratch. Also, Hannah Montana Linux was not my idea - this is supposed to be fun, therefore not every distro under the sun is on there.

@joao @bart BTW: My podcast buddy Marius is going back from macOS to Ubuntu for this challenge.

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