@linmob I mean that privacy offer do be looking sweet though.

@linmob @XxAlexXx That rant reminds me of the @lunduke "Linux Sucks" 2010 days, as someone who spent at least 2 weeks on the #PinePhone last year I definitely understand the pain of how slow things run and especially had trouble with #kde mobile -- maybe that was a #manjaro thing idk. The #postmarketos experience was better at the time and I was able to use the #lollipop music player to do a 10k library, though it did run slow. Eventually it fell out of my pocket and part of the screen shattered -- so the gorilla glass in the pro is very welcome, though I am disappointed by another underpower CPU -- I see Pine as a stepping stone to help the software development catch up to where it needs to be.

I wouldn't mind getting a #cnc mod to the #steamdeck and adding a 4G LTE modem or equiv connected via USB or something if that's feasable. If the battery can hold in a low power state it could be an excellent phone though larger form factor.

@linmob I had to discourage one of my friends from buying one. They saw how much I loved the idea of the phone and were wanting to "look into it" but it's just, not there yet for someone that's never really used Linux before.

(With that said, I'm 100% sure I can use a Pro as my daily driver and I'm super excited about it)

@trekkie1701c @linmob I see myself using it sooner or later - if there is more hw acceleration available for graphics and video it could be sooner

For now I have to fight the "wanna have right now" devil inside my head to wait until it gets some problems fixed

@ricodegrumpy @linmob Primarily I'm waiting for the Pro to release all the way before I go with a PinePhone as my daily driver. Mostly my concerns center around speed, the current one is just too slow for my needs.

*However* I'd say it's otherwise capable of doing everything I do day-to-day, as most of what I do can be done on websites or already has a program available. I've been spending the last few days trying to set up my PinePhone that way and I'd say I'm about 90% there.

@trekkie1701c @linmob I think the same way, but as you mentioned, its a bit too slow right now ... I do think that there will be a huge jump in performance if the hw acceleration works #fingerscrossed #pinephonepro

@linmob It's the wrong market for now but good news if it's a potential market.

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