@staticvoidmaine Maybe. Don't expect any videos too soon, as I prefer to spend my free time on the app list and its future. Videos are so tedious, I don't like editing, but I dislike unedited content even more.

@linmob lol, fair! I’ve just seen a lot of mentions of this phone and am curious to hear how people get on with it as a Linux phone

@linmob specifically, does it have displayport out? If I could use this with my Nexdock that would be huge… also… battery life?

@linmob yeah, this thing definitely has some processing power :)

@linmob I was surprised to see that those are not Rust compilation output or is it because it's still too slow on the OnePlus6?

@xaviers Nah, as soon as you add some big cores, e.g. on RK3399/OP1 in my ARM Chromebook, Rust compilation becomes a lot less painful. I was trying to build the fractal-next flatpak, which sadly failed with some download error, if it had worked I would have posted about Rust performance.

@linmob @mobian
Sooo...how good is Anbox/WayDroid support!

@GirthyChode @mobian AFAIK, mobile networking support has only landed in postmarketOS, not Mobian for the OnePlus 6 (with audio routing still missing for voice calls on pmOS).

@linmob @GirthyChode @mobian it should just work on Mobian too, depending on which slot you put the SIM in ;)
(same issue with voice calls, kernel isn't ready for that yet)

@linmob @mobian how did you get ProtonVPN working? I didn’t think there was an ARM version…?

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