Do you want hardware accelerated video playback on you , but don't have the time to build Clapper (e.g. via Just install µPlayer (now listed on from Flathub:

This would be great if I could actually make it work. I've set it as default video player in GNOME control center, but opening video files from Portfolio and Nautilus gets me a whole lot of nothing. 😢

I tried to launch my videos from the terminal. I'm getting an error "Invalid byte sequence in conversion input" from a webm and a mp4 files that I recorded on my PC and edited in Kdenlive. I guess I'll have to try other files.

@normandc Can't help you without more details, as which of the two apps your trying, which distro you are on and so on. 🙂

Which app: the one that does not need compiling, as mentioned in your toot ;-)
Distro: Mobian unstable

I still haven't tried with another video, I tried to d/l Big Buck Bunny but my Internet was too effing slow.

Hoping we get to record video on our Pinephones at some point.

Sorry, I lack the time/am not motivated enough to install Mobian Unstable and see if I run into the same issue. Regarding video recording, there's a link in todays LinBits, BTW :)

Wel I tried both video-accelerated flatpaks for μPlayer and Clapper, no success on my videos. Even those from my Android phone are unreadable. Anyway. Since I'm not recording videos on this device anytime soon (terminal commands are too much of a hurdle for me), I guess accelerated video isn't much of a priority for me.


@normandc So both flatpaks did not even start from the launcher? Do other (non video related) Flatpak apps start?

Sorry, I wasn't clear. They launch both fine, they just can't play any video I throw at them. From the GUI the window remains black. When launching from CLI (flatpak run <app name> video-filename), I get errors too long to paste here.

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