Do you want hardware accelerated video playback on you , but don't have the time to build Clapper (e.g. via Just install µPlayer (now listed on from Flathub:

This would be great if I could actually make it work. I've set it as default video player in GNOME control center, but opening video files from Portfolio and Nautilus gets me a whole lot of nothing. 😢

I tried to launch my videos from the terminal. I'm getting an error "Invalid byte sequence in conversion input" from a webm and a mp4 files that I recorded on my PC and edited in Kdenlive. I guess I'll have to try other files.

@normandc Can't help you without more details, as which of the two apps your trying, which distro you are on and so on. 🙂

Which app: the one that does not need compiling, as mentioned in your toot ;-)
Distro: Mobian unstable

I still haven't tried with another video, I tried to d/l Big Buck Bunny but my Internet was too effing slow.

Hoping we get to record video on our Pinephones at some point.

Sorry, I lack the time/am not motivated enough to install Mobian Unstable and see if I run into the same issue. Regarding video recording, there's a link in todays LinBits, BTW :)

Well, I've been having issues with missed calls (got an anxious call at work from my dad 🙄 ), so very soon I may go look for greener pastures. Thinking of starting with PMOS. You're using Arch I believe?

W00t! Some fun reading to do! 😁


@normandc Yeah, I run Arch, but at least with the free firmware I use I often have a "modem gone" problem, so my PinePhone is not that good at being a phone currently.

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