Because there's ongoing discussion about this in curently, I must ask: Do our Linux Phone stacks we run on , and such support ?
Replies and hints appreciated!

They reported the networks were down, and now they want to rely on Cell Broadcast? How stupid can one be. They need air pressure operated sirens, and FM radio stations that have their own power. That makes sense.

@rudolf It does, but Cell Broadcasting would also be more fail-safe than KatWarn or Nina, which are getting DDOSed whenever shit goes sideways and the network is still operational.

Did you miss what I wrote:
Why don't people understand that all modern stuff fails under catastrophic conditions.

@rudolf I did not, and I agree with you. Please calm down and stop shouting :)

I was just pointing out that in other, less bad conditions cell broadcasting is better than the crap that's currently touted as the solution.

Well you read it now.

Have you ever used CB? I used to, it was always a pain to set up. Also people don't want their phone beeping around before every minor storm.
Operating CB will give the cell phone companies lots of euros, but it won't help.

@linmob My Xiaomi Redmi with stock rom does not have CB. LineageOS does.

@rudolf Thanks. That's actual helpful information, and good to know that other phones are being sold without CB support. :)

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