I really wonder if ( (a fork) can be run on (mobile) Linux. It's mostly C++ and C, there's cmake in there, so... Anybody ever tried?

@Saroufim This is about exploring options, not about the options we have. Regarding GNOME Maps, it does some things well, but parts (mainly the navigation ui) still does not scale properly on 720x1440px screens at 2x scaling (which is standard on PinePhone and Librem 5). So.. in a way you could consider the current state of GNOME Maps inadequate if you want to do that.

@linmob "omim_set_platform_var(PLATFORM_LINUX "linux-.*" ${LINUX_DETECTED})" mhmm seems like it!

@linmob building on postmarketos snagged on including boost library, which they have bundled as a git submodule and looking for version "1.76".

@linmob oh, I guess just don't forget --recursive when initializing submodules.

@linmob compilation 71% complete (less than four hours left!). Maybe I should figure out cross-compilation from laptop to pinephone...

@zachdecook @linmob
any luck on compiling organicmaps?

Gnome Maps is not usable at all!

I am doing with a ,
is quite nice when you have mobile data on (and a signal) also with displaying height maps and cycling routes, but it eats your battery crazy fast. Did mount a solar panel onto the handlebar, but with the wanky usb-c plug it did not charge at all.... digging on a hardware solution for this, but missing any offline map with height lines...

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim
It compiled with little modification, but so far, I've only gotten to accept the Eula before a crash.

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim but many tests pass:
mwm* tests❌
Other routing tests❌

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim
I didn't follow those instructions (I just did a simple `./ && cmake . && make` after `#define PATH_MAX 128` in platform/platform_unix_impl.cpp`)

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim I've successfully compiled it on my laptop (x86_64 manjaro), so it's probably either an #alpine/#postmarketos problem, or an #arm one.

Has anyone tried compiling #organicmaps on #manjaroArm?

@zachdecook @linmob @Saroufim
going to a bikepacking trip on sunday, not sure if I have time between packing my stuff to compile on , will let you know...

@zachdecook @pocketvj @Saroufim I was going to do the same, but ... didn't get to it. Assuming you got it to run: What does it look like? I would love to see some screenshots :-)
Thanks in advance!

@linmob @pocketvj @Saroufim The big difference between the linux (desktop) version and the android version is that it uses a side-bar instead of a bottom bar. There are also some UI elements which are clunkier than their android counterparts. And routing seems to be either broken or unusable (this was built from git tag 2021-06-20) #organicMaps

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim I have 3 times so far (with different versions of the code). It successfully compiles (after > 10 hours), but always segfaults after the license prompt.

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim (notably, this is compilation with cmake and make... the phone crashes when I try to compile with ninja)

@zachdecook @linmob @Saroufim

tried now 3 times on @mobian:

- first time from terminal: it somehow crashed while the phones went to standby
- second time via ssh: phone frooze
- third time via ssh: screen went black, phone froze

But it guess the trouble is in which kills compiling for power safe... not 100% sure...

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