(No, nothing special, I just want to help test something, so I put the old microSDXC card install back into the phone.)


I think this might me stuck. I've been staring at it for three hours.

@linmob is UT in pinephone broken ? i never got around to make it work. main pbm was that once the device is locked, it wont on. u have to restart the whole phone.

@raavan It's not in a daily-drivable state, but it can definitely work better than you describe. Once it became available, I switched to and stayed on the kernelupgrade channel, to watch development as it happens. While this is not advisable for a "this is my main phone" use case (bad updates happen), it's nice way to follow progress.
(Note that @UBports are currently focussing on the 20.04 transition and thus don't expect to see tons of progress on the PinePhone side before that is done.)

@linmob i thought so, thats why i never went back to it. been using my pinephone with sxmo and arch. so far so good. i guess UT is better with Nexus and other Android Phones.

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