Megi released a new p-boot-demo image. So if you want to try multiple distributions easily, now is a good time!
Get it while it's fresh:

@linmob Cep telefonu ve tabletlere linux kumak için başvurabileceğimiz bir kılavuz var mı?
Is there a guide we can refer to for installing linux on mobile phones and tablets?

@melcebi Depends on the Linux you want to install: With , reasonably well supported devices are in the @UBports Installer and thus easy (well, there may be stuff like unlocking bootloaders in the way), and for @postmarketOS, the device pages in their wiki should do the job/link to tutorials. Do you have specific device in mind?

@linmob Hometech elite tab 9.7 retina wifi. I couldn't find it in the supported devices section of both operating systems

@melcebi Ah, like that Tolino Tab 8 I've been playing with it's an Atom powered tablet that runs Android. Sadly, I couldn't figure the route forward for my tablet yet.

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