Projects I would like to get into, but sadly have no time for:
- Adding Squeekboard settings (theming, haptic feedback) to postmarketOS Tweaks
- Kirigami UI for Contrac (
- Developing a simple Screenshot and screenrecording GUI for Phosh

Just dropping this here in case anyone has time on their hands and no idea what to fill that time with. 🙂

@linmob If someone want do to a Kirigami UI for Contrac, I can mentor you for the Kirigami/QML bits :D

@linmob I can think about working on the screenshot/screen rec thing

@linmob Hey maybe give this a shot

If you're trying to run it on the Pinephone, your best bet is flatpak and run it with GSK_RENDERER=cairo since rendering in GTK 4.3/master is currently broken on the default ngl renderer.

@linmob with grim & wf-recorder, there already exist some utilities such an app (e.g. a simple python gui) could directly hook into, if one wants to rely on such external processes

@JayVii_de I know, that's why I even put it on my list, as it seems easy enough :)

@linmob i already recorded very good results with the above yad+bash script & obviously also screenshots.

Could be a nice project for me to learn python+gtk, but i have time issues just like you :(

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