@linmob Seems like an interesting read but holy cow is this page full of ads.

@linmob the question here is why don’t they use ? It is ready

@Coneng @linmob sailfish is not fully open source. While that's not a problem for a lot of people, there are many in the Linux community that are fully committed to Open Source, and want to have a platform that isn't cumbered by any proprietary licenses. That said though, I believe there are rumors of an official Sailfish port for the PinePhone...

@Coneng Well, it's not fully FOSS, it's stuck on Qt 5.6, it's written for Libhybris and parts of it (namely the email app) still don't render anything on a Mesa stack, ... I like Sailfish OS a lot (see linmob.net/videos/#sailfish-os), but there's more than one issue to not be like "Yeah, let's use this, it's perfect."

@Br0m3x I promote interesting content without endorsing all the questionable technical choices the people that run a website might have made. I trust opinionated followers to be running their choice of browser plugins to not end up on sites that don't follow what they consider acceptable.
Also: Please don't talk to me about websites I can't change. Talk to the people that run these websites instead.

@linmob with all due respect but on one hand you promote opensource and open hardware on the other hand you promote people, content which forces maybe not fully aware people to use #Cloudflare. I do not want to talk to you about changing sites but what I wanted to say is why you promote Cloudflare.

I don't promote Cloudflare. I don't write "Use Cloudflare, it's great!'.

I promote content.
Cloudflare is problematic, agreed. The same goes for other stuff I link frequently, e.g. YouTube. Now let's say, a video is luckily also on Odysee so that I don't need to link to Google-owned YouTube. And then someone approaches me and says: "Don't link Odysee, they promote cryptocurrencies, which harm the planet!"
Now I could add a warning to each and every link. But is that practical?

What if I forget that warning because it's late and I am tired?

I have to rely on people making good choices on their end and focus on content. And if that content is worth it, I will link it, no matter if Google, Cloudflare or another evil is involved in serving that content.

There is no big comparison between #Cloudflare and youtube or similar services. You can use them consciously but Cloufdlare service is hidden for most of the users.
"Don't link Odysee, they promote cryptocurrencies, which harm the planet!""
You have a business diploma. You know what propaganda is and who benefits from the claim above regarding crypto.
The freedom is an essential value. Better live on the desert as a free man than in #panopticon on paradise island.

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