#megapixels running on a #purism #Librem5. Credits go to the devs who have been working on enabling the cameras on the #librem5

@joao Nice! This is the same camera app that @martijnbraam has been working on?

@eliasr @joao @martijnbraam yes, it's a fork of upstream megapixels with hacked in support for the API the current CSI drivers export to userspace (which is currently being reworked): source.puri.sm/dorota.czapleje


@agx @eliasr @joao @martijnbraam Does this work on stock Byzantium already, or do you need a newer kernel?

@linmob @agx @eliasr @joao @martijnbraam It does - kernels with both cameras being operational have been present in both byzantium and amber-phone for a while now.

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