I really look forward to the day when I can make a "The PinePhone in Convergence mode. " toot, btw :-)

@linmob I miss ssh to my phone (N900, N9) and syncin’ it w/ everything ;(

@linmob Thank you for reporting these things. Really thinking about buying a #Librem5, just to support that great development efforts…

@nick No, just genuine "Vorfreude" as we say in Germany.

@linmob But you already can! Well, from the command line only, sure, but the kernel that allows it has been released to the users for a while now ;) #shotonlibrem5

Instructions: source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux-n

@linmob I ordered the current convergent beta Pinephone. I guessed that you already might have it. Do you ? Since I bought it already can you tell the difference between your " Vorfreude" of convergence and that one I will expect in may ?

@enigma Oh, that Vorfreude (anticipation) is not about PinePhone convergence, but about taking photos with the Librem 5. I've made a few videos detailing PinePhone convergence (linmob.net/videos#convergence), and it only improved since. Due to the PinePhone not being super speedy it's not a full PC replacement, but for non-media-heavy tasks (like writing texts, programming) it's perfectly usable.

@linmob I apreciate your truthfullness and honesty in november on convergence video. I guess postmarketOS and phosh would have been better (?) and still today could be? Since new Pinephone is underway I only wondered why your last posts ( here) e.g. by video rather show the Librem5 than Pinephone 🤔

@enigma I am still using my mostly, in fact, I am writing this message from the PinePhone. I got the in late January, so it's newer and thus there's more easy content to be created, and @pinetalk makes my life quite PINE-y already. I was experimenting with pre-release PureOS yesterday - not easily possible on PinePhone.
Also "new PinePhone" - the hardware of the "beta edition" is still very, very similar to the postmarketOS edition so that I did not order one.

@linmob Remember I'm shock prooved by #Fairphone2 since 2016 for 5 years 😏😶 However in its case I have integrated an arduino for several sensors ( seeed, Grove) with running ArduDroid and the self compiled app that shows sensors output. I even bought Jolla and tried Sailfish on FP2. You see I don't need a fast phone for fast games or videos . ( I use tablet for that)

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