If you use a distribution with the UI on your and miss automatic rotation, check this project out:

@linmob this reminds me of the early days of Android 🤩 good times

Oooooh... Shiny!

That's the thing I miss the most in Phosh right now.

From what I can see, no recompiling of Phosh is needed, which is a plus.

Will definitely test...

@linmob On Arch autorotate seems to work just fine but this is a really handy tool for some distros :D

When you say on Arch, do you mean the one from DanctNIX? They've got autorotate on Phosh?

@linmob Ah very cool. Always wondered why Mobian didn't come with autorotate. Checking this out now, thanks! :)

@RTP It does not come with it because the MR that implements it did not meet upstreams quality requirements, see

@linmob why not contributing those changes upstream :) ?

1. This is not my project.
2. There has been a MR for a while, that has been applied in Manjaro Phosh and for a while despite causing issues. According to a Purism developer it's now reached a quality so that it can been be merged soon and will land upstream.

@linmob fyi I just installed the latest image of arch with phosh and auto rotation works by default

@linmob that's um, great. Don't worry, I'll not try to let you know about anything again. Ass.

@djsundog I didn't mean it that way. Did not want to offend you, apparently I have not told everybody all the time that I run arch, btw lately.

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