Do you like haptic feedback on smartphones, e.g. on the keyboard?

@linmob On low end phones, it looks mush and really would rather not have it. On the high end, it feels wonderful. So it depends on perspective

@XxAlexXx Ok, I don't like it anywhere, as it's often noisy and just irritates me. And I really dislike it strongly on both PinePhone and Librem 5.

@linmob @XxAlexXx Fortunately, a change is only a configuration change in feedbackd away :-)

@mobian @XxAlexXx Yes and no, because that change requires reading the documentation on and then re-reading it, experimenting, failing and eventually giving up. Seriously, I have been attempting this three times to have this problem solved (it makes typing a pain for me), and failed every time - turning everything off is not a great option if you just need that keyboard to stop distracting you. This really needs a better GUI.

@linmob @XxAlexXx
untested quicktip:

sudo nano /usr/share/feedbackd/themes/pinephone.json

Search the part that says:

"event-name" : "button-pressed",
"type" : "VibraRumble",
"duration" : 60

Change duration to 0... profit!

@linmob @XxAlexXx
After a change just do
"killall feedbackd" to immediately use the new values. It will be autorestarted on demand, so no need to restart it manually.

@mobian @linmob @XxAlexXx

if you only want to disable that for the on screen keyaboard you can use

gsettings set org.sigxcpu.feedbackd.application:/org/sigxcpu/feedbackd/application/sm-puri-squeekboard/ profile silent

If somebody wants to look at the GUI bits:

@linmob It's fun to feel that small vibration when you touch a button. Only thing I question about haptic feedback is if it contributes to draining the battery a bit too much.

@linmob It uses a lot of power and is absolutely not a replacement for a physical keyboard.

@swiley Yeah, I dislike it too, I can’t stand it. I will ask a more specific question tomorrow to see if that leads to different answers.

That was close 😀
I really miss something when I turn it off.

@linmob how is it that 111 people participated and the results are 50-50 :crazy:

@raavan Well, bad rounding 😉 if you look carefully, it looks like it went with 56 lifeforms being in favour of "no". That's a very small lead, but it makes me happy anyway.

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