@linmob general reception seems to be good over all. A few people who have negative comments, but mostly genuine interest. On the LTT Forums, there is a thread dedicated to the PinePhone from earlier this year, where it's not explained well, and everyone complains that it's too low spec to be a real phone. LOL

@nick Interesting. Regarding the forums: That's to be expected from hardware enthusiasts, isn't it? If last years graphics card is too slow, how can MALI 400 from 2008 be even remotely acceptable? ;-)

@linmob right? I was a little surprised that Anthony didn't know about the hardware rendering, and the 4K video out.

@nick @linmob eh, doubt the pinephone would do 4k video out.

@danct12 @linmob maybe not, but the Mali400 MP2 is definitely capable of up to 4K@30 FPS. I have it outputting at 1080p comfortably in purely software rendering.
Yup! According to them, PinePhone wins over the Librem 5. PinePhone is smaller, lighter, easier to handle, has more control over hardware on/off switches, and better mobile OSes (most run smoother, cleaner, and faster). Only critisism by them was that the OS was unoperable upon recipt, which was easily fixable. And obviously, the PinePhone is designed and meant for linux enthusiasts. And worth the cost compared to the Librem 5's almost $800 price tag.

It was wonderful seeing their review as I am currently waiting for my PinePhone in the US. So excited! Can't wait!

@wildeagle5 it is worth the price/effort. I've had one since last year's community editions. I've tried almost every possible OS. Jumpdrive utility is handy as. I keep 3 OS's on sd cards to continue testing, but I've settled on manjaro plasma on the emmc as have pine. It is getting dangerously close to being my daily driver no sugar coating.

@wildeagle5 It's true that he says "better than the Librem 5" in the end of the video, but it's not clear to me why he says that. Note that for the most part of this video he is using the Phosh user interface, developed by Purism, which runs significantly faster on the Librem 5 than on the PinePhone. I guess he thinks it is fun to go out and say that the cheap alternative is better, maybe that gives him more likes and clicks. See Librem 5 vs PinePhone discussion here forums.puri.sm/t/comparing-the

@dubstar_04 Having both devices, the PinePhone has its advantages: Price, form factor (not being as thick and heavy), “useful battery life” thanks to CRUST deep sleep, working (although rather bad) cameras. Some of these can, will and must be solved in software. These things aside, the PinePhone is just more fun, because you can boot a different OS from microSD card super easily.

But: The Librem 5 has way faster storage, faster RAM and thus starts programs faster, and a way better GPU.

I don't think there is anything I can say to you to make anything more clear to you. I've thoroughly researched both phones and companies, and everthing is pretty clear to me.

One of the main reasons that the PinePhone is so mature and runs smoothly is because of the community that supports them. Pine64 has delivered thousands of phones. And from what I've found, Purism has only delivered a few hundred Librem 5s. I'm still hearing about delays from Purism. Many people who purchased their librem 5s back in 2018 have still not received anything, and are being told that they still might not receive there phones until later this year. If you follow Purisms track record for making excuses for delays, I don't expect many of their backers to receiver their phones until 2022. I want a linux phone and it is pretty clear that if I purchase a librem 5, I will have to wait a long time. I purchased a PinePhone and it has already shipped. Once Purism get through their backlog of orders, then I may consider getting a more powerful Librem 5.

@linmob this gonna bring pinephone into a lot of ppl's list. pine needs to speed up their production and development now.

@raavan Sadly, attention does not solve the component shortage problem.

@linmob that's another pbm. I was thinking of buying one recently. Waiting for the pre-order to open.

@raavan Fulfilling demand and a really bad supply chain situation are not different problems, that’s all I can say to that.

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