In Episode 003 of @Ezra and I are planning to discuss the recent @PINE64 Community update, focussing on , the SBC and news around the keyboard and default OS.

If you've got different suggestions or questions regarding the topics above, get them in now by replying here or sending them to!

Will the @PINE64 #riscv board have a RISC-V GPU?
Will it be completely #OpenSouce?
When is it likely to be available?

@linmob - A usb-C-powered router would be nice. ...with openWRT, perhaps?

Especially if it came with #Yunohost (or a simple one click install) and a sata port to attach a full size drive...

@Blort @linmob

A usb-C-docked hub (similar to the docking deck) could be a solution to getting router functionality from the SBCs that are already available. Basically an ethernet switch with four ports and sockets for attaching storage (or for charging other units). Such a hub could even transform a #PinePhone into a router of sorts.

@linmob @Ezra @PINE64 Something I think you guys should do eventually (probably not now), would be to interview EvilDragon and talk with him about the Pyra project ( Its been an eternity, but they have finally started shipping devices.

Based on some of the stuff I've seen in their forums, it also seems like they have some plans to actually make a Pyra phone at some point.

@leimon @Ezra @PINE64 Well, we're kind of PINE64 focussed, so I don't see it fitting in as long as PINE64 does not get boring, but I'll definitely look into it for some more.

@linmob @Ezra @PINE64 Ugh, sorry! That is totally the mistake I made, I saw your username Linux on Mobile and I was thinking... well that would fit.

I guess a more appropriate thing I'm curious about is the current state of convergence on the pine phone distros that you guys have been using. Have any of you tried it out? If so, how did it work for you?

@leimon @Ezra @PINE64 I've tried it, see Actually, "fake convergence by rebooting into GNOME" was the thing I liked best.

I'd be interested to hear from @bshah or someone else knee deep in #plasmamobile about the direction of future development and how people can help.
@Ezra @PINE64

Also, #RiscV #Pinephpne 2 - WHEN?!

@Blort @bshah @Ezra @PINE64 The first one is a good suggestion, the second is something we actually try to answer.

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