I just uploaded my first and (for now) only APKBUILD for to . Make sure to read the README and feel free to ask if it's not yet clear enough 😃


(cc @postmarketOS)

@linmob @postmarketOS Why does that README talk about Arch Linux ARM? Also, why not just upstream the APKBUILD to Alpine Linux so people can actually use it without compiling themselves?
Also I have some feedback for the notorious APKBUILD if you don't mind

@bart @postmarketOS Sorry for that error, classic editing after copying mistake. I decided to do it this way because I already feel like I have too much on my plate currently. Anyone can take this and upstream it properly, I have no time or energy for the cycle of feedback that likely involves.


@bart @postmarketOS That said, you're welcome to tell me where I screwed up.

@bart @postmarketOS Still waiting for that feedback 🙂
BTW, another reason to do it this way was to help people recognizing the capabilities of pmbootstrap. I found the official documentation for "simply getting started with packaging" a bit lackluster and therefore started this – it's incomplete and not refined, but once it is, I thought of turning it into a blog post.

@linmob Not much feedback, don't worry 😉
The "source" line now unnecessarily renames the downloaded tarball. Remove "$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::" from it.
You have `-j` hardcoded to 2, while most people have way more cores available. Replace it for "${JOBS:+-j ${JOBS}}".

You don't have a "check()" function, but you don't tell abuild to skip tests either. Either add the check function, or add 'options="!check"' with a comment telling why tests are not enabled

@bart Thanks, I will go through this later. I basically created this by looking at the giara APKBUILD and making the obvious adjustments (which I figured out by looking at the AUR PKGBUILDs and apk searching for package names).

@linmob Also if you found the documentation lackluster, you should consider updating it! It's all on wiki pages anyway, everyone can edit them.

Also, I would recommend people to learn packaging for Alpine instead as that'll trickle down to pmOS automatically, but not the other way around.

@bart I plan eventually doing that. I learned over the years that I need to write it down for myself at least twice, experiment a bit, check what I wrote to make sure that I don’t make the public documentation worse through my edits (and don’t get yelled at) 😉. Unfortunately this process is taking a long time currently because I am pretty busy .. but I‘ll get to it.

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