I just uploaded my first and (for now) only APKBUILD for to . Make sure to read the README and feel free to ask if it's not yet clear enough 😃


(cc @postmarketOS)

@linmob Thank you for sharing things on postmarketOS.

I had not heard of this, and upon looking into it I found an old phone of mine is supported.

So I'm definitely trying this, in fact I'm in the process of creating a recovery zip right now.


@Phate6660 Great! Which phone are you trying it on?

@linmob 2 devices.

Moto E4 (little luck though, see fosstodon.org/web/statuses/105) and Moto X (as soon as I can find it, it's on a shelf somewhere).

@linmob Oh definitely! I'm excited to get this working, and getting over these hurdles will make the end result even sweeter (if I can get it working anyway).

Also sorry for the late reply, I started doing some cleaning and it's been taking longer than expected.

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