battery life on
(5.9.16-librem5.2), day 5:

Today I used it for all my social media again. I disconnected from the charger at 8:40 am, and the phone had shut down when I tried to use it after doing something the Librem 5 can't (taking a nap) at 4:50 pm. I used , and , and and also Firefox. The modem was on for the entire time, WiFi in the morning and after 2 pm.

@linmob I thought the lack of sleep was PureOS design choice and not a hardware limitation (as in replacing the default with postmarketos would have allowed for sleep). Is this not the case or does postmarket also not have support for sleep at an os level?

@cyr There's definitely no GUI option for it on the while stuff like this exists on other devices like the bq Aquaris X5.

@linmob gotcha! I was more used to the PinePhone setup, appreciate the insight!

@cyr @linmob maybe it's just not implemented for the librem 5's hardware yet? In that case i would expect no other os that can run on the same hardware to support out either :) from what I've read there are still plans to implement it into pureOs. "It" being implementing deep sleep with something like CRUST.

@vancha @cyr That’s quite likely, hardware enablement is still work in progress, e.g. with the cameras.

@linmob So I have nothing to envy from. My Samsung S10 lasts 5 days with 1:30 screen time daily. But I spent ages debloating it and removing spyware.

@lvpha I think that's comparing apples and oranges, as the S10 is even after all that (I assume you are running a heavily modified stock rom) a proprietary Android phone, while the Librem 5 is a fully FLOSS Linux Phone. On the other hand your phone definitely seems better equipped for real life daily driver usage, so it's about trade-offs again.

@linmob So, is it possible to use the Librem as a daily driver?

@lvpha If you really want to and carry a power bank with you so it lasts beyond 4pm, yes.

@linmob See, the phone is very private and secure. But it falls short at usability. Hopefully they use a bigger battery in their future models.

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