battery life on
(5.9.16-librem5.2), day 3: (Sorry for not reporting earlier)

Light use, disconnected from the charger at 8:29 am, battery lasted until 4:49 pm (4%) when I plugged it in. I updated packages once, installed three flatpaks and browsed the web a bit (mainly "Hacker News", because my Fedora video (Odysee) went a bit viral there). I also used Nheko a bit during lunch break. The modem was on for the entire time, WiFi only during the install of the flatpak apps.

@yattix Depends. I forgot to mention that I had to disconnect it at 79%, and installing these flatpaks (I just enabled flathub that day) is quite demanding as multiple hundreds of megabytes are being downloaded during that process. Also, idle power usage optimization is not in 5.9 yet IIRC, so this is definitely going to improve soon.

@linmob I was curious about the discussion in hackernews, so searched for the link. For the lazy:

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