Librem 5 battery life on
(5.9.16-librem5.2), day 1:

Unplugged and switched on at 8:45am. Now (4:30pm) it's at 4%.
I used it quite a bit for social media browsing, email and XMPP (@dino) + Matrix () in the beginning and during lunch break (which took about ~1h); mobile data worked fine. Even watched a video for a few minutes. Wifi was turned off when not needed.

While this is not super impressive, as I did not use the phone a ton, it's definitely a good start.

(Additionally I installed during that time, built my first APKBUILD (for Notorious by @gabmus) on the Librem5 and installed it using apk add --allow-untrusted.)

Is good time, knowing that sleep-mode is not yet implemented.

@linmob @dino This sounds awesome because my 6.5 year old Android phone doesn't even last that long anymore... 😂😭
I have to charge it 3 tines a day so I wouldn't even notice that the battery life is "bad" 😅

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