Yeah. It's the first one since the Nuno Pinheiro Oxygen days ended that hasn't been eye bleedingly hideous in my opinion.

It's strange, because the work that the KDE visual design group has done on the actual Plasma interface has been really nice.

It just goes to show that graphic design and interface design are different skills, I guess.

@Blort @kde Same for me, my initial draft read „Unlike many previous default Plasma wallpapers, I really like ...“ but I decided to drop the negativity from the toot.

Lol. Yeah. As someone with graphic design skills, I really should just get off my ass and create a few wallpapers for them...

This new wallpaper gives me hope that they won't automatically turn down anything that doesn't fit the ghastly flat triangle style set by the previous wallpapers.

@linmob @Blort @kde Agree to disagree, the Plasma 5.18 LTS release wallpaper (shipped with Kubuntu's 20.04 LTS) is pretty rad in our books . . . but of course we'd say that 😉

@linmob @kde Wow it really is beautiful 😍. btw just yesterday moved from Gnome :gnome: to using KDE plasma :kdenew: 😉

@linmob @kde Wait which OS is this? I'd love to use the PinePhone as a tiny KDE computer

@linmob @kde Wait, convergence works that well on Plasma Mobile 0.o, that isn't even the desktop Plasma?

@immychan @linmob Convergene works quite well just tested it a few days ago on manjaro plasma mobile. Works good altough the display of the pine looks quite funny while using when you set it up as second screen.
@linmob looks really great. Mind sharing what laptop model that is? Kinda looks exactly like what I am looking for... seems to be < 14" in size?

@friend It‘s not a Laptop, it‘s a lap dock, a brainless Laptop HP made for their Elite X3 Windows Phone. It‘s called the HP Elite X3 Lap Dock.

@linmob Ah - that makes sense. It basically is what the Sentio Superbook never was :) Even better, as it is not depending on Android. Thanks for sharing.
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