I might try the PKGBUILDs at I
gitlab.com/ohfp/pinebookpro-th at a later time, but I should stop procrastinating and finish that "Librem 5: Photos" blog post and add a few apps to LINMOBapps.

@linmob OH MAN, please report on how signal-desktop runs on the #pinephone. I attempted to build it on @postmarketOS but ran into issues because of various NodeJS incompatibilities at the time.

@chiraag @postmarketOS Yeah, it is a massive pain to build anything with Electron. Unfortunately, these builds don't seem to work (anymore).

@chiraag @postmarketOS I know, but ... even without musl – when electron is involved I decided to wait with even attempting until some else reports success.

@linmob The Signal "Desktop" (Electron) maintainers have explicitly said that they consider feature parity with the Android/iOS applications out of scope. While it may be possible to run the Electron client on a small screen, it will still be limited by needing to register from another application and unable to manage contacts. IMO the best way forward for getting Signal working on small screen Linux is writing a new client using the new libsignal-client Rust library: github.com/signalapp/libsignal

@linmob how come you have axolotl via pacman? I don't even see it on AUR 🤔

@linmob what does it say when you launch it from the terminal?

@linmob great! I also did it some weeks ago. But #signal didn’t work on #manjaro #phosh on #pinephone. As well as #bitwarden. I didn’t take note of the exact error, but both had similar errors (about electron or org.chrome, maybe).

Did you manage to make it work?

@linmob now I saw the whole thread... yeah... kind of disappointing...

@Darth_Invader No, and I did not try at all. I think setting up a signal-to-matrix bridge at home and then use that is the way I am going to explore. It definitely has a negative impact on security as it's no longer truly end2end than, but less stuff running on the PinePhone equals better battery life.

@linmob the best signal-experience i got on the Pinephone so far is a matrix-bridge & Hydrogen as a webapp

@JayVii_de That’s what I am going to go for, too. Can you share some instructions?

@linmob I simply used the ansible playbook by beeperhq.com/, which you can find here: github.com/spantaleev/matrix-d it is *relatively* straight-forward but requires some tinkering if you have anything else but matrix running on your VPS as well

@linmob you can contact me on matrix too, for more detailed instructions that do not fit the 500 char limit here: @jayvii:jayvii.de

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