Another addition for : Cuttlefish, a WIP client.
Just like with Dino, I am providing a PKGBUILD in the repository.

@linmob I wrote the Dev once because I had issues setting it up and he tolled me that it's still really unstable.

@gamey It definitely is. You can try to build it using my PKGBUILDs (libhandy4 is also required), it sort of works... I just wanted to add it now so that I don't forget about it.

@linmob kde has an application with this exact name, it is an icons browser:

@linmob no problem and thank you for the answer. It was just a quick idea, since the upload is very poor at my location, but there is LTE+ two villages away. I wanted to go to the village with the #eGolf to upload, but can take notebook there. #Peertube

@BollerwagenPicard Well, you could upload from the browser. Desktop Firefox or Chromium run on the PinePhone and should support that.

@linmob I would also like to test it, but as a Pixel fan I am really afraid to be disappointed.

@BollerwagenPicard The Camera is totally going to be a disappointment for you then. Other than that, I think you really need to excited about GNU/Linux on phones and maybe the privacy gains of that to enjoy the PinePhone. It’s likely not a replacement, but more a secondary phone.

@linmob @nipos I went by car to an LTE+ connection and uploaded my new video that way, it was much more convenient.

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