If you want to read something about the recent Service Pack update for the , check out Brad's article to learn the details before you update:

cc @nipos

@linmob Thanks but that's still not as much news as I hoped 😕 PostmarketOS development seems to be quite slow.I'm not that happy with it.

@nipos If you want more current postmarketOS, you would have to switch to their edge channel. Or just move on to another distribution, it's easy. You could even use deja-dup (likely requires scale-to-fit org.gnome.DejaDup on to work well) to transfer your files over easily.

@linmob I want to try out Arch.I just didn't have the time for it in the past.This could change now as I'm reducing my Mastodon usage.

@nipos Cutting the time spent on social media (even federated social media) is always a good thing these days. I have different views on a few of the current issues, but it wears me down too. It doesn't matter what you believe in I guess, it's just stressful.

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