I saw screenshots of Marker on the Mobian wiki and it looks like it scales well to the Pinephone. Looks like an interesting notes app


@jiewawa @wisemonkey I am aware of Marker (not least because of linmobapps.frama.io), but take a look at the start screens of both apps. Notorious can be configured to show this list of recent notes, which is way more helpful to me.

@linmob @danct12 @PINE64 Loved the writeup, it helps a lot to see other setups when there's so much choice in the (relatively) early stage of the PinePhone. Curious to see how Pidgin works for you, looking forward to seeing your content this year!

@linmob @danct12 @PINE64 nice! I didn't know pidgin could sync Signal would you have some links about that?

@linmob @danct12 @PINE64 You just gave me so much new stuff to try out thanks!
And thank you for the newspaper build 💪

@linmob Awesome blog post but so close to one I planned that I wonder if I should still do it 😂

@linmob if phosh (I assume you mean the session) crashes for you, you really want to check with you distro since it's fairly stable over here with PureOS for daily usage. Figuring out which component fails and gathering backtraces would be the first step (honk.sigxcpu.org/con/phosh_ove)

@linmob Great! As a data point: I'm running #phosh on about a handful of different devices (#librem5, laptops, "media center" (which is basically a laptop attached to a TV) with #PureOS or #Debian and it's pretty stable there) so version comparisons and reviewing your distros patches may help).

@linmob @danct12 @PINE64 thx for sharing. After reading, just a hint. I used tootle, too. But it crashes if I open media files. So I tried Mastodon PWAs and found chukoo++ and it works very well.

@samsy @danct12 @PINE64 My Mastodon feed is not that media heavy or I have just been lucky. Tootle has been fine lately. Some time ago I used Pinafore though, because Tootle had been to crashy back then.

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