@linmob I will probably stick with Gnome Feeds now that the scrolling has improved but it's always nice to have options :D

@linmob Try github.com/ebolalex/shattered- , you need the open jvm and then execute it via java -jar but its probably the best running proper game so far for the PP.

@Alexmitter How is this related to Newsflash? I am going to check it out though, thanks. Do you want to take over linmobapps.frama.io/games.html?

@linmob Eh, I guess mastodon had a oops. I wrote that from your profile page, not as a answer.

@Alexmitter Oops 😄 I tried it, and it's really nice. Thanks!

@linmob The guy who patched the game is in the mobian group, people there are already getting it packaged. Also it currently runs in Xwayland, so at 1/4 the resolution, he will also check if he can build it with Wayland support :)

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