@linmob the keyboard looks great, excited to see what the developer option looks like once Pine64 gets things started this coming year!

@cyr It can only be a lot better than what I did here :D (I just did that because I wanted to try it in 2020 and not drag that over to 2021).

@sotolf Yes, this is a (used-to-be broken) Psion Series 5 with a little board that converts the keyboard to USB, and the PinePhone was glued to it with double-sided tape for the picture. See also: devtube.dev-wiki.de/videos/wat

@linmob Those Psions used to be really cool devices :) and that is a really cool hack, I really enjoy it :)

@sotolf I did this the simplest way possible, the guy that designed the keyboard adapter (linked below the video) did all the heavy lifting.

@linmob Well, still, doing it is more than I have done ;) looks like a very nifty thing now though :)

@linmob @sotolf What is the overall cost (excluding the pinephone)?

@daniel @sotolf Whatever a (preferably non-working, we don't want to ruin working old units for the retro-computing nerds) used Psion Series 5 PDA costs + USD 39 + Shipping for the adapter. For links see devtube.dev-wiki.de/videos/wat,
So: Not cheap, but fun.

@linmob fck for a second I thought they had released a new Psion and yours is running psilinux. I miss my Series 5 MX

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