Hello followers and enthusiasts,
what should I make a video about?

No vote this time, just an open questions. Suggestions and boosts appreciated!

@geotechland Oh, I should have mentioned: Please don't put me through Anbox hell again. :D

@linmob thumbdrive maybe? Boot your laptop from isos on the phone

@linmob It's a neat thing and can actually be useful

Which version is closest to daily driver in your opinion. I think more people ask that than anything else.

@Tay0 That's a good one. What would be needed in terms of functionality to be daily driver-ready for you?

Call, text, email, surf, and a app.

Camera and podcast app are a big plus.

That's probably different for everybody but you are most certainly welcome.

@Tay0 It is totally is, but I like to ask this question to get a better idea.

Tethering would be a good one to test. I use maps & navigation a lot, so if that's not too good on the pinephone, then tethering to another device for "online" maps would be handy.

For me:
* Make and receive calls (wake on call), texts and email
* Take photos/video
* Listen to podcasts
* Alarm
* Calendar with #caldav
* Contacts that can sync with #carddav/#nextcloud (eg. working online accounts)
* 8 hour battery charge with 1+ hour use so I don't need to charge in the day.

There's many other things that would be cool (eg. navigation, #anbox, #Firefox, gesture based typing) but I could live without them.


@Tay0 @linmob I know it must feel repetitive, but these do help a lot. I don't have time to flash images and test all the time.

@saladhax I am in Germany. MMS is not widely used at all here, and it is still pricy. I don't want to spent a couple Euros to test something I am never going to use in real life. And without that, I can't really comment on it in an informed way. I try to follow the progress, and once it lands in Chatty or something else that's not a hacky script, I am going to cover it.

@gemlog I know there’s just been a new release (accompanied with a nice video), and my last Sxmo video is just a month old (, so really I don’t see the necessity.

@linmob 5.10 kernel on arch and manjaro saves 50% of battery in deep sleep. A video about battery consumption could be informative.

@samsy How to video that? Sorry, but I have a job, and I never got into tracking battery life, so I could just present annecdata.

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