@linmob @PINE64 @plasmamobile I've tried the same image but it didn't boot... Also, after an updateof the 201130 one (pacman - Syyu) it stoped booting, it was stuck at the splash screen. Have you tried to update it?


@deedend @PINE64 @plasmamobile There weren’t any updates available yet before I bricked the install at the end of the video. First boot was very slow, yes, but as the video showed the image ultimately worked.

@linmob the build I tried three days ago was faster than the one on your video and keyboard worked fine in gtk aps(firefox). Though I didn't tried it from an sd card, I flashed it in the emmc.

@apathetic_bystander Was it Manjaro or Neon? I think they might have the pre-release version in KDE Neon. Running from SD card certainly does not help with speed, sorry about that.

@linmob It was manjaro and firefox was preinstalled I think.. Except from some glitches here and there(and the sound issues) the UI was quite fast. Also I think that the keyboard was a bit different.

@apathetic_bystander Interesting, so they must have changed quite a bit in that short time!

@linmob @PINE64 @plasmamobile my first boot was super slow too, second one not so much. Third one... Well, was after the upgrade, so it was stuck at the splash screen

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