Testing Megi's new p-boot-image ( on my @PINE64 :

(I have to say that I love the new "boot from eMMC" option, that one alone makes p-boot a lot more interesting.)

@linmob @PINE64 yes and also jumpdrive included. So this is really the only SD card you need now.

@jkbr @PINE64 Not really, you miss out on Manjaro (ok, that happened only today) and which – while the images are outdated – is something worth trying. But it's one to keep around if you have no other SD card with JumpDrive on it.

@linmob @PINE64

"boot from eMMC" sounds really like I want to have it on the sdcard.

Boot my #pinephone everyday #mobian from eMMC (possibly by default) and being able to look into all the other systems via #multiboot.

Is nobody interested? The torrent seems to be quiet dead.

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