Whenever I get into this "run crappy proprietary messenger via some weird shims and tricks on "-thing I eventually end up thinking: Why can't everybody just use or ?

@linmob For three simple reasons:
1. Most of my families are using Whatsapp,
2. Most of my friends are using Whatsapp,
3. Almost all of my clients are using Whatsapp,

In addition, my families and friends have created numerous Whatsapp groups.

So far, Whatsapp is the only proprietary software I cannot yet avoid.

@heavenly_general I know all that, I wasn't meaning to be rude or anything.

@linmob I knew that you had had no any intention to be rude or sarcastic.

It knew it because your toot is very neutral.

I just simply sensed that you are very disappointed with all people who do not yet adopt Matrix.

But I genuinely thought you didn't know the reasons. That is why I tried to explain the reasons to you.

It is my bad. I am sorry.

By the way, thanks for your explanation about the video on Whatsapp bridge.

I really appreciate it.

@heavenly_general @linmob They still can SMS you or install xmpp client (conversations is really good) in addition to WhatsApp, Viber, fb messenger , snapchat and all the other they already installed willingly

@linmob I just decided to stop using centralized/proprietary mesengers. My contact list was reduced to almost 0, when I started to only use xmpp. It has grown steadily since then, as I provided assistance to everyone who wanted to reach me via messenger.

@linmob You could do the first step 😉 The people you talk much with should follow soon to stay in contact and for the rest you can use the good old SMS.That's how I do it,too.I already stopped using crappy proprietary messengers when I still could use them.I just didn't want to.

@nipos I am doing that, trust me, I use Jami (which is quite underrated imho), Matrix and XMPP. But I won't downgrade from anything encrypted to SMS, nope. Sorry. Snowden traumatized me to not do that.

@linmob I think because communication needs at least two participants, and most people use those proprietary messengers... So using matrix is nice. Selecting your friends by messenger is a way to go... Not even the best I think. You can also become such an annoying person trying to convert anybody to your philosophy... Or just try to get this stuff running... At best by using matrix-Bridges.

@rakor Oh, I am painfully aware of that, trust me. It's just that I remember where both Google Talk and Facebook Messenger were XMPP and if you used Pidgin or another client, you could use your Google Talk account to talk to someone else on Facebook, IIRC. I just wish it would have stayed that way, just adding in OMEMO for proper encryption would have been enough. Instead, we now have a hellscape of proprietary walled gardens.

@linmob well that's really true.... But those days you could not have a true Linux-phone on your pocket (well as mine is unusable I can't be that happy but ok...). So new times bring advantages and disadvantages and without progress we would all be sitting on our fire in our cave...
We just have to use our chances... 😁

@rakor Um, that's not entirely true. Quite a number of HTC built Windows Mobile devices could run Linux at the time, and let's not forget the Motorola EZX phones, OpenMoko or later the Nokia N900. But you are right, let's stay positive and use our chances.

@linmob for example a good matrix client with encryption is missing. i am using gomuks now, which is not for everyone.

@stereo Sorry, but you are wrong. Check my apps list or just try Mirage (, easily installable from the AUR (matrix-mirage) and also on Mobian (it recently found its way into Debian (matrix-mirage). It's not perfect, but totally usable.

@linmob yes, tried mirage. its segfaulting. will investigate... what else is on your list? (my favorite would be fractal with e2e)
@linmob @matrix or official element in "usable" on a phone. because we have desktop firefox on the pinephone.

@stereo @linmob @bamfic @matrix Never knew there would be a mobile web app officially developed by Element.

@matrix @stereo @linmob

Fractal seems to be working for me on Manjaro Arm Phosh as well.

@PublicNuisance It totally works, but it lacks end-to-end-encryption support without another layer of software like Pantalaimon.


Good to know thanks. Just started using Matrix yesterday so still getting used to the ins and outs.

@stereo Segfaulting? Hm. That's bad. On which distribution did you try it? If you like Fractal a lot, try it with pantalaimon. The Mobian wiki has instructions:

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