I am doing some light reddit browsing in the morning and found this impressive story I completely missed:

It's about using Signal over a personal Matrix instance by bridging signald, which is quite complicated. Let me try to make a short list:
- signal.apk on Anbox
- getting Axolotl to run,
- just using signal-cli,
- connecting signald to libpurple/chatty,
- bridging Signald to matrix.

I prefer the fully local approach, but matrix-bridging could help with battery life.

@linmob Will still get the user banned from signal due to signals zero tolerance towards 3. party clients. I guess its time to use a less suspiciously un-open messenger.

@Alexmitter I haven't come across reports of that banning actually happening. Do you have links, maybe? (I'd expect infuriated banned users to complain about it somewhere.)

@linmob I am not aware that the rule was enforced so far, but Signal is very clear about this rule and users violating it. Its probably for the same suspicious reason they fight since years against providing their APK via f-droid.

Too many red flags for one service, especially one that is so vocal about how shit competing services are.

@nipos @linmob They are dicks about it, The user who wrote "Wow, moxie0 just sound like a giant cunt. Anyone who uses a binary compiled release of Signal from the Google Play Store for security is a fucking idiot." is absolutely 100% right.

@Alexmitter @linmob I 100% agree.I wouldn't even use a FOSS version of it because they're bad people and I don't trust them for many reasons,beginning with Amazon servers and the need to give them your phone number.It's as bad as Whatsapp.

@nipos @linmob Ich habe null vertrauen in OWS seit sie eine schmutzkampagne gegen Telegram gefahren haben. Egal was man von Telegram hält, so was ist einfach nur noch ekelhaft.

@Alexmitter @linmob Davon hab ich ueberhaupt nichts mitbekommen.Hast du mal einen Link?Also Telegram vertrau ich auch nicht,aber ganz so viele Probleme wie bei Signal sehe ich da nicht.

@nipos @linmob It started with a article by a OWS associate whos main argument was "They use the MTproto protocol which is effectively homegrown and I’ve seen no proper proofs of its security"
It boils down to, "they dont use what we use, so its unsecure".
What a shitshow.

@Alexmitter @nipos Guys, maybe that‘s my old age speaking, but if you want to be taken seriously it helps to not use expletives all the time. That said, Moxie definitely has some strong and questionable viewpoints, but stuff like insisting on distributing proper builds is just sane if you want to protect your brand. And Telegram is ... Telegram. I use it begrudgingly, the only thing remotely great about it is that they have first class Linux clients.

@linmob @nipos I strongly disagree with your Telegram opinion, but this is likely due to my long history with telegram and telegram developers.
Also, no one ever had a bad brand opinion based on a 3. party client. Nearly all those telegram clients today started as 3. party clients and were promoted to 1. party clients. They are all excellent, telegram promotes the development of 3. party clients and provide all tools needed.

@Alexmitter @linmob And Telegram has native clients for Linux and even for my good old Blackberry.They offer a great API to allow others to create their own thing using Telegram servers so that their clients can talk with the whole network.That's how open source should work.If you like my speak or not,seriously,fuck Signal,it's a evil piece of shit and I'll never touch it,not even if they release a official native client for the PinePhone.

@nipos @Alexmitter I don't find moxies position unreasonable, even though I disagreed with his "Play Store is fine" stance when you could not just download official binaries from Running a small business is hard. Remember: Signal has a different scope than Telegram, its entire point is proper E2EE. Third party clients could weaken that, harming the brand.
I prefer to use OMEMO, but if Signal is the best of several bad options to talk to a person, I am going to keep using it.

@linmob @nipos But how can you trust some suspicious company like OWS if they do not allow you to build the binary yourself? If you trust that, you could also trust WhatsApp, it uses the same encryption and the client is as unauditable and untrustable.

If I had to choose between Signal and WhatsApp, I would rather use the one that does not pretend to be all about openness and just be honest about its intentions aka WhatsApp.
But I do not like both.

@Alexmitter @linmob Same for me.I mean Whatsapp at least has some users lol But both are shit 👎

@Alexmitter @nipos There's a difference between building binaries and distributing binaries to others. Just saying.

@linmob @nipos But if you cant build it yourself, no matter if you would actually do it, then you can trust Signal only as much as WhatsApp.

Just to say it once again, Signal and the OWS is 10/10 suspicious.
I would not trust them with my daily small talk and I am very worried as others seem to trust them for their life, especially journalists, dissidents, regime enemies.

I wonder if this would work with "silence" - a messenger on fdroid that uses the signal framework but not their storage?

@Horizon_Innovations I doubt it. Silence ( encrypts SMS and MMS. It would be nice to see something compatible implemented for Linux Smartphones though.

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