@dino is working with #libhandy to make its #xmpp client adaptive!

Probably at early stages of developement, but it definitely already look pretty and usable on mobile :)

Kudos to you for making Dino adaptive, guys!

@thibaultamartin @dino i am trying the current master under #phosh with a to small display.
Does it merged yet? Is there a PR? Could i help?


@genofire @thibaultamartin @dino @PINE64
Nice, looks I need to test it briefly and then add it to LINMOBapps!

@linmob @thibaultamartin @dino @PINE64 it is not merged or released yet ... it works not perfekt yet ... github.com/dino/dino/issues/17 but it is useable :)

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