Finally! I got @postmarketOS with running on the BQ Aquaris X5.

Things learned on the way: Don't use pmbootstrap install (without the --sdcard option) on a ZFS system, it may fail inexplicably. Flash with pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs with the --partition-userdata option on this device. Never give up!

Also, the standard kernel does lack touchscreen support, but there is an image on the issue tracker that can be booted with fastboot.

Keyboard tiny, but really fast!

@postmarketOS I have since made a video about the bq Aquaris X5 running with , and will keep showing it (at least in my videos) whenever applicable:

(It’s going to launch on YouTube later today.)

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The failure on ZFS is not inexplicable. It's because ZFS reports the size-on-disk for the image file (which may be less than the apparent size due to compression/dedup). This incorrect size is then used as the size of one of the partitions, leading to a write failure.


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@m Advice like this with links to more information is always welcome! Thanks!

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