Convergence improvements in Phosh 0.5.0 are really nice. Great work by @agx and the rest @purism's crew!

My first video in November is going to finally tackle the subject. Before that, I am going to attempt writing my next update, do some site maintenance work all from the docked @PINE64 .

@linmob @agx @purism @PINE64 Is that a full laptop the phone is plugged into, or just a clamshell keyboard/monitor?

@linmob @purism @agx @PINE64 @0x1C3B00DA I wondered about that,too because with a full laptop,that shouldn't be possible,right? 😲 I just searched for that Lap Dock thingy and it looks quite interesting and cheap.I mean I'm not a big fan of doing everything with the same device,my phone,because if this single thing breaks,I can't use anything else,too.But I'm already thinking about using the Lap Dock together with a Raspberry to get a really cheap but powerful laptop.Would be a cool experiment 😆

@nipos @purism @agx @PINE64 @0x1C3B00DA Also, older Motorola Lapdocks exist, which have microHDMI and microUSB. The Atrix Lapdock keyboard layout is just terrible, however.

@linmob @0x1C3B00DA @PINE64 @agx @purism Thanks for the hint,that would be even better in combination with the Raspberry.However,I bought my current laptop only three months ago so I think I shouldn't buy a similar device only to do experiments again at this time.

@nipos @0x1C3B00DA @PINE64 @agx @purism Good point. BTW: Lap Dock and Lapdock are nice secondary displays for laptops when travelling, but yeah, pandemic.

@linmob @purism @agx @PINE64 @0x1C3B00DA For people who have are used to a second display at the computer,I think that's a great idea.But I only use one display for every device.

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