This – thanks to fxtec's -X and planetcom's anouncements – definitely is QWERTY Linux Smartphone week. Time to show my handheld fleet!

Nice collection.
I recognise some of those, the Psion (I had the MX5) & the Sharp PDA (I have the sl5500, still works well considering!)

@Horizon_Innovations Yeah, that old Zaurus is surprisingly great. I only bought it this year and was seriously amazed. Sadly, I could not find images of the old distributions for it, which is why I have not played with it a lot.

Is it an SL5000, SL5500 or SL5600?
I have loads for the SL5500!
The software for the others can be found.
I'll set up a folder & share if you like. Bought mine in 2002 (I think) in Singapore. Used it a lot too. Still do on occasions 😃

Yes, both. I'll dig them out & post a link with instructions n stuff soon... Probably tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.

@linmob They all look really good 👍 Are any of those still supported by the latest PostmarketOS and do they have good enough hardware to run Phosh+some apps?

@nipos None of these has more than 1GB RAM. The Motorola Droid 4 is supported by postmarketOS and Maemo Leste, with the latter running pretty well (but still lacking essential apps for being used as a phone).

@linmob That's not enough for me.Even the 2GB of the normal PinePhone would have been too few for me as I had a 2GB Laptop in the past and know how that feels like 😅

@nipos Look, if the software were properly optimized, it could still be enough. I used graphical office suites that had 95% of the useful features today’s office suites have on a machine with 4 MB of RAM. Also, running the old software, these old devices (especially the Zaurus Sl-5500) are surprisingly fast and useful.

@nipos BTW, if you want to make an old 2GB RAM notebook useful again, try out It’s going to blow your mind!

@linmob Haiku OS looks really beautiful 😍 And it's something completely different from all the Linux distributions I've already used.Maybe I should really give it a try.Unfortunately,I currently don't have time for experiments of that sort and also Arch Linux runs great so I don't really see a good reason other than being excited about seeing something new.

@linmob Sure,in good old times that was possible but nowadays when a browser can already take up several gigabytes of memory,I don't want to use anything with 2GB or less memory anymore.

@nipos elinks is yout friend! It's not just the browsers, the web is full of non-necessary bloat. I really need to have a look at :)

@linmob Elinks is not my friend because it has no Javascript support.There are some very good webapps which I need and use often that don't run in Elinks.

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