The eleventh edition of my weekly collection of @PINE64 news, , is out!

libhandy 1.0, MMS, a new camera app, new Manjaro images and much more!

I'd love to hear more about megapixels. How is the preview framerate?

@Blort @PINE64 I think it was pretty much the same once I last tested. I've read about support for higher resolutions on Matrix IIRC. BTW: I managed to get it to build and run on /#HuongTramLinux.

The pine blog recently posted a video of a camera app on #UBtouch doing 30fps in the viewfinder... looks promising!

@Blort @PINE64 I know, I think I retweeted that back when it happened (did forget to post that on Mastodon) and had it in 9. It will take a while to land though – because it is a “classic Gripsgard hack”, which will need to be packaged and so on and might require Qt 5.12 to land in UBports first.

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