I've been managing to build Quickddit (the variant) on Arch Linux ARM using qmake on my . Now I am hitting this error: qrc:/main.qml:25:1: module "QtQuick.Controls.Suru" is not installed

Can someone point me to where I would get that component?

cc @ubports

@linmob @ubports
Probably this package?

I see it includes the Suru QML component.
Found this from here

Not sure where to get that for ArchLinux ARM though.

Now I need to figure out how to get the developer stuff figured out (it does not show me a client secret yet) in order to log in. What would be even better though: Someone who actually knows what they are doing takes this and maybe packages up as a so that it's available on almost all the distributions at once.
@PINE64 . (git clone --recurse-submodules; cd Quickddit/ubuntu-touch; qmake; make -j4; ./quickddit is all I did.)

And of course cloning, qmake, make, make install to get it to start. All that on Arch Linux ARM by @danct12 with the following already installed: Easy, huh?

Hi, just create app here and into put REDDIT_CLIENT_ID grom there, you need to define REDDIT_REDIRECT_URL too, I am using http://localhost/ REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET keep empty

@danqo Thanks a lot, I was confused because reddit would not give me a "REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET" value!

We could actually put it into AUR, it should not be too difficult, I am actually developing it with Arch

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