I am considering moving my blog from github to different, GDPR compliant hosting (likely @ubernauten, but welcome) and played with today. Not sure whether I will stick to my minimalist approach and use 'etch' or go a tiny bit more heavy with 'harbor' (I dislike how it looks with JS disabled though); but I really like now. Also, I've wondered whether I should include a commenting system, but I guess I'll just include fancy mailto: links.

@linmob @ubernauten I really like the idea of using normal mail for comments as long as it's just for feedback directly to you. If you want some discussion between readers however, this is entirely unsuitable.

For those cases I would suggest or
More alternatives:

@JayVii_de @ubernauten The idea is to make it so that I would have two links, one for feedback (i.e. just for me) and one for actual comments. I would then publish the comments as soon as possible – but as moderation is a necessity anyway I doubt there would be too much overhead. Did not know hashover yet, thanks!

@gemlog @ubernauten Does @codeberg allow me to use my own TLD? Otherwise Codeberg really sounds like a Verein to join :)

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