After asking on the birdsite, I'll ask here, too (boosts appreciated):

What would you prefer as the technical base of a database/collection of Mobile Linux Apps for @PINE64 / @purism and co.? (Planned to be a collaborative effort with one Page per App connected via categories for App types and Toolkit/Framework)? (SSG= Static Site Generator)

(Sorry that this runs only for a day, but I have time on my hands this week to get the thing started.)

@linmob ssg is much easier to maintain long term.

@linmob @PINE64 @purism where would the code be hosted if going the git route? sourcehut is appealing since people could contribute via email without making an account

@brad @PINE64 @purism That is another decision, I would love to host it somewhere where GDPR compliant hosting is possible (so GitHub is very unlikely – will move my blog, too). The thing is: It should appeal to both normal users and developers to contribute to it.

@linmob @PINE64 @purism why not collaborate directly with myglapps? They are doing same already.

@bshah @PINE64 @purism It is a great list (and it will be the base for whatever I try to set up), but I recently made a MR there which has been waiting for a week. Contributing to a csv file is not too pleasant either. Also, I think that offering a way to provide more information on the actual apps like the @mobian wiki does is actually helpful for users.

@linmob @PINE64 @purism
I have the impression that wikis are generally more community-centered or closer to the user-base. Git might be more modern, but might also require more from a dedicated (multiple meanings) group of maintainers. If the maintainers are not PINE64 and purism vendors, then would rather go for a wiki.

@floppy Thanks! I agree, but I figured it would be better to ask the community in order to avoid personal blind spots.

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