Hello people! What shall I make my next video about? More (if so, what specifically)? apps (which ones)? That new, old keyboard in @plasmamobile? Something completely different?

Thank you for your suggestions!

@linmob @plasmamobile Are there any mobile-friendly XMPP clients with support for omemo?

@linmob I'd imagine that would need to be some kind of web app

@lopeztel @linmob @matrix I did not try the Android one yet and only tried the Web one as Firefox SSB web app, and it scaled rather poorly, making it pretty much useless because of sidebars on the left. CSS hacking could help there. Anbox in the current state (and even once the network issues become solved) is something I would only use for stuff otherwise unavailable, because RAM. Fractal or Chatty + Pantalaimon for E2EE or the Mirage Matrix client are the way to go right now.

@rakor I wrote a blog post on that, because I personally find written instructions more helpful than instructional videos:

Well I end up with:
[daemon.cpp:61@Run] Failed to retrieve ready property from application manager

@rakor Did you try it on Mobian? I recall running into that issue, but I was able to navigate around it. Unfortunately I completely broke my Mobian install since and can't go back through my bash history. Are the services up and running?

Hey there. Yes I tried it on mobian.
Seems as if the service is not that reliable.. After trying some times it worked... Sorry for bothering

@rakor No problem, I ran into that, too. It seems to work more reliable on Manjaro, I will have a look at how they did it tomorrow.

@linmob @plasmamobile one of the reasons I'm reluctant to move to pinephone is WhatsApp. I don't like it but is the facto standard among my contacts, so what about anbox + WhatsApp? I use telegram and matrix too, so a comparison between them (how good/bad the work, what client is better supported, known issues and how to deal with them...).

@linmob @plasmamobile To be a daily phone I will need CalDAV/CardDAV support. How is the current status of that? What calendar and contacts apps work well?

@supernova @linmob @plasmamobile Everything with contacts and messaging requires some setup that I have been procrastinating in to not leak personal information and to avoid massive video editing. On based OS, Caldav/Carddav with Nextcloud is super easy to setup. Only Gnome Calendar is still lacking the libhandy-treatment. @plasmamobile allows for setup now with OwnCloud and Nextcloud I think, but due to my personal Nextcloud having a terribly long password and no KeePass I did not try.

@supernova Do you use Nextcloud/Owncloud or have a different CardDAV/CalDAV provider?

@linmob I use which looks like it is based on nextcloud. But I tried the Nextcloud option in the accounts settings in Manjaro Phosh and it wouldn't connect. I use the WebDAV option on Android currently.

@linmob I got IMAP/SMTP to work just fine with the built in account options. But still no calendar or contacts. Then I installed Evolution which has built in CalDAV/CardDAV support but I'm getting a 400 Bad Request error with the URLs I am trying.

@linmob OK I figured it out. I had to use Evolution and create new Address Book and Calendar with it to use CalDAV and CardDAV. I had to find instructions at my email provider to know how to find the specific URL to use, Evolution won't find them automatically. Once that was all setup, the regular gnome-calendar and gnome-contacts will see them as well.

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