Hey Mastodon, I need your input: I want to make another Video this week. But what should it be about? ? ? or more GTK apps? Or something completely different?

@JayVii_de Honestly, I know too little about filesystems to write something meaningful about it. All I know is that Samsung developed it and it has been in the kernel for a while. That aside, I am using it currently on @mobian and have not run into issues. (Honestly, I suspect that the people that have had issues with F2FS just have bad microSD cards.)

@linmob I actually have no idea what Yad or GloDroid are, so they might be cool... but I have not idea.

@Blort @linmob GloDroid is an Android 10 variant for the (and other devices, see and yad is something like ‘zenity’, a quick way to add simple GUIs to shell scripts – e.g.

@Coneng I will. As far as I know, nothing new from development has yet landed in publicly available images/installers. As soon as some new build will be out, I will test drive it on video.

@linmob I think sells the os and don't offer it for free

@Coneng Sure, that's SailfishX ( The is not a part of that (yet?), so there is no official support. But the community port (I am guessing, that it is one, is being worked on in the meantime, although there haven't been any releases in a long time. Once there is a new release, I will definitely try it.

@linmob maybe something educational about setting up vpn or what to do when you get a boot failure.

@duckduckdog If only I ever had a boot failure on the ! And I am no expert in VPN either. (I don't really get the hype btw, with most commercial services you just exchange the party you must trust.) VPN'ing to the home is something I've tried to set up, but failed. I will try again soon though, and if I succeed, I will certainly write about it and maybe publish a video, too.

@linmob One of the main stoppers for me to adopt pinephone is te lack of native telegram client.

May I ask you to make a video with that app working?

Thank you very much

@txusinho It may a while though (as in not this week), as I would like to avoid privacy problems without heavy video editing.

@linmob No hurries. Important decisions in life, and creating good quality content for the internet takes its time.

I really appreciate your time, and taking into account my suggestion.

May I ask you when it is online, please? I'll try to check regularly, but can't promise, since my brain loves procastinating

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